5 Reasons To Install A Privacy Fence

While upgrading a veranda or constructing a deck are two such projects that tend to see the biggest return on investment, they may not be the best spot to begin. Instead, you might want to consider before handling other major projects installing a privacy fence.


The intent behind a privacy fence will be to give you more privacy as the name indicates. You do not constantly need to see each other even if you get along great with your next door neighbors. Nor do you desire random passersby to know what you do. You enjoy an intimate moment in a hot tub on the deck, sunbathe by the pool, take a snooze in a hammock without worrying about the wandering eyes of your neighbors or jump on the trampoline with your kids.

2. Add Security

Another motive to install privacy fencing before you finish other outside projects is that it'll raise the security of your lawn and the investments and improvements you make to it. Your new outdoor kitchen and patio furniture, for instance, will remain concealed in the eyes of prospective burglars with a fence that is good. It can also prevent stray animals from tearing up natural landscape attributes and entering your lawn. When you install privacy fencing that has a locking gate, outdoor pools and hot tubs will be less of a danger for young kids also.

3. Save Cash

Spending money on privacy fencing can help you save money, while it may seem counterintuitive. Many insurance companies will offer a reduction on homeowner coverage premiums mainly because of the additional security. Your home is not more of a danger for burglaries and vandalism when your lawn features a privacy fence of some kind. You can usually expect to see annual savings in the double digits although the precise amount of savings will vary from carrier to carrier.

4. Reduce Sound

Many kinds of privacy fencing also boast noise reducing properties. This can be especially valuable in if you reside in the town or even on a busy street in the suburbs with continuous traffic. You'll definitely appreciate your outdoor space more if it is more silent. Landscape architects also advocate incorporating shrubbery or trees when installing privacy fencing. This is frequently referred to as a "living fence" and works in conjunction with the privacy fence to Fencing Harpenden muffle the sound from the street. An extra incentive: turn it into oxygen, the greenery will process and reduce the carbon dioxide emitted from autos and make the air in your yard cleaner and fresher.

5. Increase Worth

Whether you prefer the look of natural wood or the low maintenance of vinyl, the value of your home wills increase. Many outdoor improvements for example a backyard kitchen, a sport court or a swimming pool don't appeal to all buyers and are hardly preference general. It yields a high return on investment because it is appealing to buyers, while you may not view a dollar for dollar yield on privacy fencing. Not only does it add security and privacy, but a fence also adds curb appeal to your home. Other landscaping attributes that are soft and flower gardens become more interesting when they're accentuated by hard landscape features including a fence. In the demanding real estate market of today, any selling attribute you have that other listings do not will help your house sell faster and will be fiscally advantageous.

These are only five reasons to install a privacy fence before you take on other outside home improvement projects; there are many other benefits and advantages also. Privacy fencing is a wise investment that you will enjoy for decades to come. In reality, a high quality fence can last anywhere from 20 years to 50 years— sometimes more! You may need to speak to your neighbors, if you are worried that you just won't have enough money to complete other jobs after you install a privacy fence. More often than not, they are going to be more than willing to work together and split the cost because they will reap the benefits of a privacy fence along property lines that are adjoining.

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